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Interview - Reck

As the first installment of our new #artinthestreets series, we interviewed graffiti artist 'Reck' to hear more about what has inspired his artwork. 

Kara: How did you get into art? Were you an artist from a young age?

Reck: I was not into art as a child, I just had a ridiculous habit of writing my name on things and got good at it.  I grew up skateboarding, playing sports, and naturally I just started getting into trouble with my friends and that's how graffiti came about.


Kara: Do you remember your first time doing graffiti?

Reck: I cannot pinpoint a first experience but I could literally remember getting into trouble in elementary school for writing in the bathrooms.  But, with the amount of painting I was doing, I eventually started getting noticed for it and one thing led to another. People started asking me to do art for them.  I would do things like paint murals in girls' bedrooms, do things at my high school, etc. and 16 years later I am still painting.


Kara: Who supports your artistry?

Reck: Now everybody, but before, nobody. My dad used to hate it and we fought about it a lot. Now, he's my number one fan so that's pretty cool. My daughter could be tied for my number one fan also.


Kara: What is your favorite part about being an artist?

Reck: I enjoy painting in general, no matter the circumstances. However, my heart will always lie with the illegal aspect of it. I love the rush and everything that goes into it. Finding the perfect spot, getting away with it, and coming back the next morning to see it in all of its glory.


Kara: What inspired the piece you just did for RAREFORM?

Reck: I kind of drew a lot of different concepts that I've done before and mixed and matched into one, it's like a frankenstein of a bunch of all my past works. I think that's how all art is actually, just picking up where you left off.


Kara: What are you hoping your art says?

Reck: To be completely honest, there is no deep meaning or anything like that. It's just good old-fashioned vandalism. I wish I had some cool metaphor for what I do, but it's more of an obsession than anything. 


Kara: What's your favorite piece you have ever done?

Reck: I would say a memorial piece I did for my brother Sema who passed away a few years ago.


Kara: What would you tell your daughter if she wanted to be a graffiti artist?

Reck: That's a tough one. I would definitely encourage the art aspect of it, but I would try to prevent her from doing anything illegal if it were in my control. That's a loaded gun right there. I would never introduce her to it. But if she was interested enough in doing it to go around my back, then she deserves to enjoy it.


Kara: What artists do you look to for inspiration?

Reck: Not any specific artist necessarily, but I am constantly inspired by the circle of artists I am friends with. 

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