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5 Reasons for RAREFORM

Reason 1. Card Holders Lead to Dates
It's a proven fact that our card holder wallet starts conversation. Every time you pull it out (which, let's be honest, will be all the time), heads will turn. That Lulu hottie in front of you at Starbucks will definitely ask you about it.  She'll be so impressed by your choice of one-of-a-kind gear and focus on sustainability that you'll get a date for Friday night right on the spot. 

Reason 2. You'll never have match Uncle Larry again. 
Have you ever shown up to your family Christmas party wearing the same ugly sweater as your awkward uncle? It's no fun.  While we can't help you with your sweaters, our one-of-a-kind iPhone cases will make sure that same awkward uncle does not accidentally take home your cell phone - and see all the texts your boyfriend sent you last night.
Reason 3. We've got two side pockets to bring beer to class.
Our Summit Backpack has double bottle holders. We recommend at least one has a water bottle, but if you bring a beer to class in the other one, we won't tell your professor.  Sometimes, an ice cold Stella is the only way to survive Physics 101.
Reason 4. When you check your bag, you'll know which one is yours.
There's no worse way to start a vacation than by realizing you took the wrong suitcase off the carousel at the airport and ended up with the crazy cat lady's bag from aisle twelve.  Vacation ruined. With a duffle bag as unique as ours, you'll be confident you're taking exactly what you packed for your adventure.  Unless of course you wanted to 'accidentally' swap luggage with that cutie from two seats over - then your old bag from Walmart will do just fine. 
Reason 5. 9/10 Dentists agree that Rareform will protect you from bears in the wilderness.
Why? We are not exactly sure - but we haven't been attacked yet.