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About Us

We believe
billboards deserve
a second chance.

We're in the business of sustainability, repurposing billboards into original products that inspire daily adventures. There's no blueprint on how to do what we do.

From Billboard to Bag

We’re on a mission to repurpose every billboard on the planet to give you one-of-a-kind products for your daily adventures.

Brothers Alec & Aric

Co-founders and CEOs
How it Started

One lightbulb moment, two brothers.

"While traveling in El Salvador, I noticed people using billboards as roofing. To me, it was brilliant: billboards are durable, weather resistant, and made from vinyl which is not traditionally recyclable. I enlisted my brother Aric to help create what would become the first Rareform product: a surfboard bag made of used billboard vinyl. Today, we reuse over 80% of the billboards you see in major cities and highways across the US to make one-of-a-kind everyday accessories (no need to be a surfer to wear them). Rareform has breathed new life into my career, creating purpose. Just like the billboards we use, there's a second life waiting for all of us if we put our minds to it. Our hope is that these products make you feel as good as we feel making them."

Our Process

Step One

Collect + Sort Billboards

We collect and ship billboard vinyls from across the USA to our Los Angeles and Nashville facilities where they are sorted by size and material. The process has begun!

Step Two

Hand-Cut + Uniquely Designed

No fancy technology here. Our team clean and hand-cut every product. Each piece is uniquely beautiful and our bag designers are the artists in this process.

Step Three

Sew + Photograph

We sew our products at longtime factory partners. They are audited and certified for fair, safe, and ethical working conditions. Once the products are complete, we then photograph every item so that you can see exactly what you will receive.

Step Four

Pick The Exact Bag

We have over 50,000 unique bags in our warehouse and online at any time. When a product is ordered, we check and ensure that the exact bag ordered is the exact product we pick.

Step Five

Ship + Complete

This is the fun part - we pack & ship your product and give you something that no one else has, ever!

    Our Impact

    We repurpose 80% of all billboards in the United States. To date, that's 343,725 billboards transformed into one-of-a-kind products.

    Our Values


    One-of-a-kind. Be you unabashedly.


    Circularity by recycling materials.


    A spirit of second chances and a brighter future.