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Tulum Travel Bundle

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Artist Project – RAREFORM

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Meet the Artists

Select an individual artist to learn more about their art and the story behind each billboard campaign.

Steffi Lynn Tsai

Have A Nice Day

Timothy Goodman

Love is Trash

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Artist Series?

We believe that creativity is a vital part of life and this series is a way to celebrate that. We search far and wide for artists, muralists, designers, and creatives who not only make beautiful pieces of art, but also inspire the communities around them. Each collection is crafted with purpose from start to finish, and support artists from across the country. Plus, you'll finally be able to know exactly which billboard your bag came from.


If you'd like to nominate a candidate for a future Artist Series, please send in your suggestions to we'd love to see what art you want on your bags!

What's the deal with the billboard industry?

Here at Rareform, we fully support the billboard advertisers and those who use their services. We think the industry does an amazing job supporting and promoting businesses, small and large, across the world. Our goal is not to stop advertising companies from printing more billboards, we simply want to be the solution to their waste. Since the PVC material used for billboards cannot be traditionally recycled, our bags help to extend their lifespan by allowing the material to be reused in a completely new way.

Do you print billboards for this project?

Yes, we do print billboards for this project .


This project is about celebrating art and artists in our community. Billboards are a unique medium because their viewership is so high - they can make a huge impact and gain a lot more traction than other media forms. We're simply using the platform, resources, and connections we have to help promote an artist or message that we believe in. Every artist receives a percentage of sales and is featured by our brand.


Additionally, the billboards we do print for this project are nothing in comparison to the number we receive from existing advertisers. And they are still being repurposed into unique products, extending their lifespan by years.