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Surfboard Baggage Fees

We all know airports can be a hassle and it's never fun to start a surf trip off with massive surprise fees for your boards. So, we've done all the work for you! We put together a list of the most popular airlines for all your favorite surf destinations with their fees and regulations. So start planning your next big adventure and leave the dirty work to us.  Don't forget - our board bags will keep your board safe, secure, and stylin' on your next flight. 

Southwest Airlines

  • $75 each way
  • Fins must be removed

United Airlines

  • $150 North America/$200 International each way
  • Max Size: 99 lbs, 9'5"

Virgin America

  • $50 each way 
  • 2 surfboards per bag
  • Must remove fins or have them well-padded

Jet Blue

  • $50 each way
  • One board per bag
  • No surfboards on flights to Haiti, Bermuda, Peru, Port of Spain, Santo Domingo, and Santiago
  • Max weight: 100 lbs

Hawaiian Airlines

  • $35 between islands, $100 Domestic, $150 International, Free from New Zealand/Australia
  • Two boards per bag
  • Max size: 50 lbs, 9'5"

Delta Airlines

  • $150 each way
  • 2 boards per bag
  • Max size: 70 lbs, 115 linear inches

Alaska Airlines

  • $25 each way for the first board bag
  • Two boards per bag
  • Max size: 9'7"

Aero Mexico

  • $45 order by phone phone/$55 at airport each way
  • 3 boards per bag
  • Max size: 100 lbs, 80" narrow body cabin, 115" wide body cabin
American Airlines
      • $150 each way
      • As many boards as you can fit in one bag
      • Max size: 70 lbs, 126"  


      Here's our team rockin' the board bags en route to Tahiti: