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Signs that Summer is Over

Here in LA, the difference between summer and fall weather might be barely noticeable, but people's habits sure do change.  Need help discerning whether fall has truly set in?  Here at RAREFORM, we decided these are 10 telltale signs that fall is upon us . . .

1. The temperature has plummeted below 70 degrees for your morning commute, so you're forced to crawl into the attic and dust off your trusty Patagonia Nano Puff - a cold-weather essential for surviving the Southern California winter.  

(what we Californians think 60 degrees feels like)

2. The Cold Brew recipe you spent all summer perfecting simply does not taste as good as it once did. You've succumbed to peer pressure and are now dependent on pumpkin spice lattes from your local favorite coffee shop.  

3. It's dark at 6 PM which makes you think it's socially acceptable to keep binge watching Narcos on Netflix as soon as you get home from work. 

4. Target, your favorite stores, and even your mom have all started their Christmas countdowns. It seems annoying, but also sets off a mild panic - what exactly do you get your Dad who seems to have everything? We have an idea

5. Not only is it the return of Football and Basketball, but it's October baseball and our beloved Dodgers have yet another chance to make a run at the World Series - will this be their year? 

6. Forget Christmas - now that summer is over you have to start planning your Halloween costume.  Can you pull off wearing the same costume 4 years in a row? We believe in you. 

7. Your summer sandals are falling apart. This tragedy leaves you with two options: invest in a pair that will survive a tough California winter, or go with our new favorite trend: wool sneakers.  

8. The pool is closed. It's (almost) too cold to jump in the ocean after work. Essentially, the tan you worked on so hard is already starting to fade.

9. Camping can be unpredictable - with extreme wind and sporadic rain, it is hard to plan a good weekend getaway more than a few days ahead. Thankfully, our weekender duffle is here with our water-resistant billboard material to keep your gear safe, no matter the condition.  


10. Despite all the hard things about Fall, there is some great stuff coming up as well. Like we said, playoff baseball, sweater weather, and best of all, Santa is coming.  We'll be here with you along the wild ride.