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How to Pack the Perfect Beach Tote

I love the beach. As a southern California native from LA, I travel down to Malibu at least twice a month to surf or just relax for a weekend afternoon. Remembering all of the things I’ll need (and not need) at the beach and cramming it all into one tote is always a challenge for me no matter how many times I go. Here is RAREFORM’s suggested items to get the perfect beach tote bag packing started.

  • Altec Lancing Waterproof Speakers - There is no need to choose between listening to the waves and your favorite jams (like the new Chainsmokers album). I use my speakers every time I head down to Malibu for the day and just want to relax. They are the perfect portable size as well as durable and waterproof.


    Altec Lancing Mini H2O Speaker, $40

  • Sandcloud Beach Towels - I love to be on the sand, so a huge relaxation towel is a must for me for relaxing, swimming, or surfing. I make sure to put heavier items on the corner to keep it from flying away in the beach breeze and always bring a second towel for drying off. They are easy to roll/store them vertically for space maximization.
  • Waterproof accessory bags - Keep your electronics and wallet essentials safe by putting them into plastic accessory bags for a DIY waterproof case. Phone screens can even work through the plastic for safe beach use. This has saved my phone on a number of occasions.

    REI LOKSAK Waterproof Bags, $15

  • Blenders Sunglasses - These are a must for every beach-goer. Bringing wide-lens glasses can keep you incognito on your day off at the beach AND will cover more of your cheeks to keep them from turning rosy red.


     Blenders Eyewear Blue Angel, $45

  • Sunscreen - Suncreen is a must even for me who tans and almost never burns. The sun’s ultraviolet rays are always harmful to any skin type, even through clouds. Apply 30 minutes before sun exposure and reapply every two hours, or more often if you are going in the water.


    Sun Bum Original Sunscreen Lotion, $10

  • Swimsuit - A day at the beach is not complete without a swimsuit. Make sure you bring one that can stay put against the toughest of waves, the grit on the sand, and the heat of the sun. I also wear a one piece that stays in place while swimming and rolling around in the sand. (My car floor mats hate me afterwards).

    Boys and Arrows Bad News Bonnie One Piece, $150

  • Flip-flops - Flip-flops are always a beach go-to. Avoid the dreaded scalding hot shoes at the end of the beach day by turning your flip-flops upside down in the sand when you are not using them, keeping the surface cool.


    OluKai Ho’opio Leather Sandals, $65

    • Snacks and drinks - Water is the single most important thing I always bring with me to the beach. Sometimes it can be kind of a downer having to drink eight glasses of water per day under the sun, but I always bring my fun reusable bottle with me wherever I go. For me, I always have to keep my protein and sugar levels up at the beach. I pack Planters P3 Protein Packs. On top of being low fat and low carb, they contain jerky, cheese, and nuts and don’t need to be refrigerated for the day. There's tons of selections for whatever you are craving. It’s a great go-to snack to keep your full between meals. 

        Klean Kanteen Classic 27oz, $21

        Planters P3 Protein Packs, $5 @ your local grocery store

    • Beach read - The best part about the beach is a page-turner on the sand. Pack your favorite paperback for relaxing in the sun. Nothing beats a steamy Julie James romance novel. I reccomend Something About You, the first in her secret agent spy series. 

        Something About You Paperback, $8

    These sunshine essentials will all fit in a RAREFORM Basic Tote. This water-resistant and durable bag has a spacious interior and vibrant design, perfect for beachside style. I wouldn’t survive a day in the sun without my RAREFORM tote. It is perfect for all of my beach needs and fits everything I could need for a day on the sand.

    RAREFORM Basic Tote, $38