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Gift Guide for the Guys

1. Fairplay Cal Joggers

You don't need this gift guide to tell you that joggers are clearly in right now. Every man should have some to rock at the gym, the office, honestly anywhere. Fairplay makes a great one in tons of colors that we can't get enough of.

2. Nomad American Walnut Power Battery

Our friends at Nomad never cease to combine tech and style and they've done it again with their wood external battery. This battery has enough power for 4 full iPhone charges and has style sleek enough to be prominently displayed anywhere you go.  

3. Allbirds Wool Runner

In the office, we are obsessed with brands that make gear from unconventional materials (I wonder why?). So, we all have a pair of Allbirds wool tennis shoes on the top of our lists. For a good looking shoe, these are remarkably breathable, washable, and great for your next run. 

4. Taster's Club

Taster's Club is a monthly subscription service of the best Whiskeys in the world. They are committed to serving up the best and keeping you educated about what you're receiving as well. Cheers to the gift that keeps on giving.

5. Baxter of California Safety Razor

For the guy in your life who always likes to keep his beard lookin' good, Baxter has mastered the sleek, stylish, and easy to use razor.  This chrome-plated razor comes in a black gift box, all ready to hand over as the perfect gift.  

6. Trace - The Action Sports Tracker

Have a man in your life who already has everything? Or, have a diehard surfer at home? Get them Trace's new tracker - mount it right on your surfboard and track everything you need to know (speed, distance, calories) about your next session.

7. Wewood Kappa Watch

Again, we love things made from unconventional materials, so we love WeWood watches.  Made from any type of wood you could image, WeWood watches also have sleek style and are surprisingly durable.   

8. RAREFORM Manhattan Messenger

Designed with the commuter in mind, the Manhattan Messenger Bag is the perfect bag for surviving the subway or hours in the library.  Water resistant and durable, it can take on any conditions you might encounter heading into the office.