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Meet our Team!

At RAREFORM, we all have favorites. So we decided to introduce ourselves, show off our favorite gear, and give you something sweet - our top picks are on sale thru Friday! Is your perfect match the same as ours? 

WALKER: California Accounts Manager

Favorite Product? Change Mat - I like taking my pants off 

Favorite Sports Team? Miami Dolphins :( 

Tupac or Biggie? Biggie - I used to read Word Up Magazine

Favorite Brand After RAREFORM? Carhatt

Favorite Surf Spot? Silver Strand - Love those lefts  



KARA: Marketing Manager

Favorite Product? Classic Tote

Favorite Team? Oakland Athletics (I was a fan before Brad Pitt made it cool)

Tupac or Biggie? I'm actually not qualified to answer

Favorite Brand after RAREFORM? Anthro - I think they built this one in my home town just for me

Favorite Surf Spot? I went surfing once - it was at Hammond's 



ARIC: Co-Founder

Favorite Product? Ace Backpack

Favorite Sports Team? LA Lakers

Tupac or Biggie? Tupac til I die

Favorite Brand after RAREFORM? Levi's

Favorite Surf Spot? Oxnard Shores because it is never crowded



ALEC: Co-Founder

Favorite Product? iPhone Snap Case
Favorite Sports Team? LA Rams here we go!
Tupac or Biggie? West Coast is the best coast 
Favorite Brand after RAREFORM? Allbirds - I need a pair of their shoes ASAP. 
Favorite Surf Spot? Little Rincon