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3 SoCal Surf Spots to Hike Into

Well, summer is here and sometimes we cannot afford to go on that dream surf trip to the Mentawais or join buddies on a trip to mainland Mexico. What do we do then? It's simple - we pretend! Here are three surf spots that are worth the hike right in SoCal. 

1. Point Dume, Malibu - This is a great right point surf break. There are numerous little breaks and if you are willing to paddle south (or walk) around the far cliff you will find even more spots and seclusion. Get out of the hustle of Los Angeles and drive 20 minutes for some waves and mental escape.



2. Trestles, San Clemente - We guarantee this to be one of your favorite spots in California if you catch it on the right day. Park just off the highway, walk, or bike in on the paved trail, pass the train tracks and then surf your brains out with the rest of the OC. This wave can hold a crowd so do not worry. trestles-san-clemente

3. Blacks Beach - This spot is secluded and was once a nude beach. There are waves, the water is warm, and if you want some space from the crowds of San Diego, you have found a great spot.