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Baby Blue
Blake Keychain
    Baby Blue
    Color: Baby Blue
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    This is a solid bag.

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    Our Materials

    We save billboards from ending up in landfills.

    The lifespan of a billboard used to be only 4-8 weeks, but we believe they have so much more potential. By collecting, cleaning, and cutting each billboard down we're able to turn something old into something new(ish), and more importantly, something you can carry daily with confidence.

    328,815 of billboards rescued to date!

    Solids That Stand Out

    All about the journey

    We get in about 1,000 billboards every week. Each one has collected their own beauty marks from printers or the elements on it's journey through the world. Each one tells a unique story just like you and I. So yes, there might be a slight variation in shade, or an extra striation on your bag -- but that's the beauty of Rareform. There's uniqueness even in uniformity.


    We receive thousands of billboards each week from across the U.S., many of which are completely unique in color and pattern. That means, even when we need to cut solid colors from the billboards, there can be variation in striations, printing styles, etc. making every bag truly one of a kind.

    Yes! We individually photograph every single bag that we sell online. The only exception to this rule would be our new solid colored items in which you may receive a solid bag in that color with potential for it to vary slightly within the gradient displayed below the image.

    We love bold, bright colors and typography elements! But we do try and avoid using food, logos, faces, or hair.

    Sign up for our restock list! While you'll never see a bag that's exactly the same - you might catch one cut from the same billboard that could have similar colors or patterns. We add new colors weekly.