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Billboard Vinyl

The numbers

We take billboards from all over the United States (as close as Los Angeles and as far away as Boston!) and route them to our facility in Agoura Hills, CA where the process begins.

Versatile material

Durable and lightweight

The average lifespan of a billboard is 4-8 weeks before it’s taken down. In this time, billboards are made durable enough to withstand the elements (strong winds, storms, snow, and more!) yet lightweight enough to making the regular takedown easy.

The raw material

Thin + Thick

Billboards come in two types of material: thin and thick. Thick material has a matte, smooth finish; thin material, on the other hand, has a glossy and gradient finish. We make most of our wallets, for example, from thick material. Our number one selling Blake Tote, however, is made from thin!

Up close and personal

The ideal material